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Why become a partner ?

Show your international ambition

If your company holds an international position, and you want to make your ambition and your solution known through expert workshops or success stories, this is the event for you.

Meet key decision-makers

You’ll have the opportunity to meet major players in European e-commerce, with over 300 key online retailers looking to develop their cross-border strategy.

Join the ecommerce industry

If you want to become a dynamic player in the e-commerce industry, our event can help make a difference and build tomorrow’s e-commerce.

Increase awareness and visibility

Enhance your business and brand image through our event, which is covered by e-commerce media throughout Europe.

Submit your proposal

If you would like to become a partner for Lengow Day, you can now fill out our form to specify what kind of sponsorship you’re looking for (no commitment).

Previous partners

Contact us

For any question you may have about our sponsorship offers, contact us: